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The Only Certified And Listed MGO Panel in the Industry.

The Complete Building System

Our high performance wall assembly system with certified MEGCRETe™ technology is revolutionizing the construction industry, and with good reason.

Advanced structural insulated panels with certified MEGCRETe™ technology (ASIP-MT) together with our joining components, offer an affordable and incredibly fast building system which is easy to use for building envelopes or parts of a structure such as foundations, demising walls, roofs and floors.

These superior panels are precision manufactured using automated technology that consistently produces panels within certified and listed tolerances. Choose from standard models or have us create one for your specific needs. Your building envelope will be absolutely weather-tight, mould, corrosion, and salt resistant, and energy efficient. With their fire resistance, impact resistance, and sound attenuation, ASIP-MT panels are also perfect for interior demising walls in multi-family residential buildings, schools, and office complexes.

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